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O uso do YouTube em favor de uma educação ética

Cápitulo del libro Redes sociales y ciudadanía: ciberculturas para el aprendizaje de los investigadores de Internética Angelica Caniello, Luciana Cutinho Pagliarini de Souza y André Santos.

The article reflects on the ability of social media to be a tool of knowledge for school-aged individuals, helpingin the formation of critical readers in relation to the veracity of the information disseminated on the Internet,promoting the appreciation of science, citizenship, and ethics. To give materiality to the study, we selectedthe Manual of the World channel from YouTube in order to verify the extent to which the form and contentstransmitted are in line with such values, based on indicators of media competence listed by Ferrés andPiscitelli (2015), especially the one focused on ethics.

Caniello, A., Coutinho-Pagliarini-de-Souza, L. & Santos, A. (2022). O uso do YouTube em favor de uma educação ética. In Aguaded, I., Vizcaíno-Verdú, A., Hernando-Gómez, A., & Bonilla-del-Río, M. (Eds.), Redes sociales y ciudadanía: Ciberculturas para el aprendizaje (pp. 375-381). Grupo Comunicar Ediciones