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Couches, Kitchens, and Conspiracy

Capítulo del libro Media Literacy, Equity, and Justice del investigador del proyecto Internética Michael Hoechsmann.

At a time when truth claims are contested by a wide range of actors in social media and other online spaces, the apparent take up of QAnon and other conspiracies by new age influencers is another challenge for media literacy. There is an inversion in play when spiritual gurus are doing media analysis, presenting a complex critique of power, and yet drawing conclusions based on belief systems that combine magical thinking with faith in the messianic power of Donald Trump. This chapter unpacks the outputs of new age lifestyle influencers, and those within spiritual communities responding to this growing movement.

Hoechsmann, M. & hezel ulthiin, i. (2022) Couches, Kitchens, and Conspiracy: Lifestyle Marketing in the Midst of a Crisis. In Media Literacy, Equity, and Justice. Edited By Belinha S. De Abreu. Routledge. Taylor
and Francis Group. PP. 33-43