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New Media, New Practices? A Study of the First Spanish Podcast Community and Its Pioneers

Artículo del investigador del proyecto Internética para la revista Social Sciences. Al final de la entrada puedes encontrar el enlace al artículo completo.

About to celebrate its first two decades of life, podcasting is one of the fastest-growing mediums in recent years. This medium, promoted from the amateur sphere as a result of the arrival of Web 2.0, has become an increasingly professional practice thanks to the work of major production companies and platforms such as Spotify. In this context of increasing professionalization, this paper aims to investigate the origins of podcasting in Spain in order to analyze the decisive role that the first community of Spanish amateur podcasters played in its development. An ethnographic research study, focused on the first seven years of the medium in this country (2004–2010), was carried out. The study was based on interviews with the pioneers, a review of source documents, and participant observation. The difficulties and the main milestones related to the medium’s origin are analyzed. Likewise, the parallels between the beginning of this practice and the role assumed by radio amateurs at the beginning of radio in Spain a century ago are discussed. This parallel trajectory linking the origin of both media (radio and podcast) can be useful to envision a perspective on the possible developments of podcasting in the coming years.

García-Marín. D. (2022). New Media, New Practices? A Study of the First Spanish Podcast Community and Its Pioneers. Social Sciences. 2022, 11(7), 308;